COVID-19 Deep Cleans & Sanitisation

Touch Free Disinfection Misting Service

Protect your staff and visitors from infection by using our optimised disinfection solutions which can reach all areas and prevent the risk of disease or infection.

Our electrostatic misting system has a spraying nozzle which adds a negative electrostatic charge to our specialised solution. This means that once our environmentally friendly disinfectant is sprayed, it surrounds and clings to all surfaces it touches.

Independently proven to kill the HIV, Hepatitis C and H1N1 Influenza viruses. Also certified to kill Clostridium difficile, MRSA and common food poisoning bacteria including… Salmonella typhimurium, Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli.  Kills Swine Flu, HIV, Hepatitis C, MRSA & Clostridium difficile Certified to 1276, 13704, 14476 & 14675

Hygiene Specialists

  • All Work Certified
  • Industry Leading Hygiene Monitoring System
  • Highly Experienced, Trained and Skilled Staff

ULV Fogging and Bio-Misting Experts in Cardiff

Bio Security – Reactive Barrier Technology

The art of good cleaning has always revolved around a visibly clean environment. Infection Control cleaning is a new method to remove, kill and prevent the things we can’t see. Bacteria and viruses live among us in their millions. Unseen, and unnoticed until they enter our bodies and make us unwell, only then do we see the problem. Other infections such as Norovirus affect thousands of people each year, closing restaurants, businesses, schools, and hotels.

Bio-misting method enables us to safely disinfect any room or area, killing any harmful pathogenic organisms on surfaces up to 99.9999%. Bio-misting BREAK, TREAT, PREVENT ideal to achieve full Biosecurity.

Supacleen provide a Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser Spray that is scientifically proven to kill 99.99% of germs and provides an anti-microbial layer that lasts up to 30 days on surfaces. The 30 day protection is guaranteed to inhibit the growth of bacteria and eliminate pathogens. Tested in a UK laboratory, and successfully passed its test against MERS, SARS and COVID-19. Ideal for extra long-term germ protection and does not wash off during cleaning procedures. 

Office and Commercial Cleaning Cardiff

Specialist Virucidal Deep Cleaning

Deep Clean Experts Cardiff

Specialist virucidal deep cleaning of all premises to protect your employees, clients and visitors.  Our touch point cleaning incorporates:-

  • Door Handles
  • Push Plates
  • Lift Call Buttons
  • Hand Rails
  • Washroom Areas



Anti-Viral Surface Coatings Providing 24 Hour Protection

Deep Cleaning

Coat your communal areas with a permanent antiviral technology that protects staff and visitors 24 hours per day!

Supacleen Touch Antiviral Technology makes a product effective against viruses, such as the prevalent H1N1 influenza virus. It is perfect for use in accommodation buildings, office premises and hygiene conscious environments such as hospitals, schools and care homes.

Coronavirus Protection
Hygiene Certified deep clean

24 Hour Protection

Permanently provides around-the-clock protection against unseen microbes

Use on Door Handles and Door Plates, Entry and Exit Buttons, Light Switches and Hand Rails