Kaivac Deep Cleaning

Supacleen operate the Kaivac Specialist Deep Cleaning System that can clean your washroom and kitchen facilities to the highest of standards. 

Washroom Cleaning

There’s no denying, washrooms are the number one building maintenance concern. They’re probably the number one building health hazard too. That’s because the restroom is essentially a bio-hazardous waste transfer station — a primary source of infectious disease-causing organisms within a building. More alarming, studies confirm that many bio-contaminants originating in the washroom ultimately make their way throughout a building, endangering the health of occupants and visitors. The reality is that you cannot have a truly healthy building if your restrooms are not hygienically cleaned.

Food Service Cleaning

Restaurants and other food service establishments face unique cleaning challenges in kitchens, dining areas and restrooms. By their very nature, they generate high volumes of greasy soils that are very difficult to clean, and can lead to costly slip-and-fall accidents and lost business.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Grease and other contaminants coat kitchen tiles, creating an unsanitary and often dangerously slick surface to work on. Plus, these greasy soils also make their way to the front of the house too.

Improve the hygiene of your building today and ask Supacleen to deep clean your facilities using the best equipment and methodology available.