Quality Control for Hygiene

The purpose of quality control is to ensure that the highest of standards are achieved and constantly maintained by a combination of inspections and accurate documentation of procedures and finished tasks.  Supacleen schedule regular inspections, stick to the schedule and always follow up.  Why do we do this?  Because;

  • It guarantees a high standard of cleaning.
  • Discovers areas that are not meeting the required standards.
  • Discover which staff need help or training.
  • Ensures that cleaning schedules are working productively.
  • Promotes communication between operatives and supervisors ensuring the training program is effective throughout all levels.


As well as visual inspections Supacleen provide a full hygiene monitoring program to guarantee that all surfaces are cleaned thoroughly removing all harmful bacteria.  To find out more about our Supacleen Verified System call us on 029 20 666 663 or email helpdesk@supacleen.co.uk