The Purpose of Cleaning Specifications and Schedules

It has never been so important to ensure that a detailed cleaning specification is in place for cleaning your work place.  It is essential that not only visible dirt is removed but invisible bacteria.

The cleaning specification is designed to inform both the client and the cleaner, exactly what areas are to be cleaned, what is to be cleaned and when they are to be cleaned.

The areas to be cleaned should be surveyed by the cleaning contractor and then detailed as a cleaning specification and presented to the client.

When preparing a cleaning schedule you need to establish what is to be cleaned and how it is to be cleaned, ensuring you use professional methods that produce high standards in the shortest possible time.  You should detail who is going to clean it and the chemicals, equipment and materials you need and establish what protective clothing should be worn and consider the safety precautions and detail them in the form of a risk assessment.

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Cleaning Specification